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Relive the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation - recording now available

The Diversity & Inclusion Conversation was held on Saturday 28th July at the Success Library in Cockburn. We were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to use the wonderful Conference and Community Room facilities at Success Library, which is well worth checking out if you haven't yet visited!
The Diversity & Inclusion Conversation panel: Jade Bryan, Shayde Douglas, Leah Napier, Jo Towse.
Our panel of four speakers shared insights into initiatives that embrace diversity and support inclusion in local communities across Perth. First up was Jade Bryan, who presented on behalf of her colleague Claire Tomlin. Jade spoke about two City of Armadale initiatives - Positive Ageing and ConnectivED. Positive Ageing is a once per month session that attracts between 40 and 60 people and covers a range of topics, from wills and Power of Attorney to pain management. ConnectivED is a joint initiative between the City of Armadale and Telstra which aims to provide internet access to underprivileged year eleven and year twelve students from local schools - which, believe it or not, is harder than it sounds! If you're interested in learning more about the ConnectivED initiative, have a read of Andrew Kelly's VALA paper here.

Shayde Douglas from the City of Belmont spoke about the City of Belmont’s Multicultural Action Plan and the Library's involvement in its creation and implementation, as well as a variety of programs that support the plan. More information about the Plan can be found on the City of Belmont website and in Shayde's presentation slides.

Our third speaker was Leah Napier from the City of Cockburn, who spoke about two initiatives - the Memory Café run at Success library in conjunction with Curtin University students, and the English Conversation group that runs in different forms at all three of the Cockburn Library branches. More information on the programs can be found in Leah's presentation slides.

The lucky last speaker for the day was Jo Towse, who highlighted the Intergenerational Activities Program run by the City of Mandurah. The Intergenerational Activities Program provides an opportunity for all members of the community to socialise, share experiences and benefit from intergenerational interaction in an understanding environment that might not normally be available to them. The program aims to build community connectivity, challenge isolation and encourage literacy throughout the Mandurah community. More information about the program can be found in Jo's presentation slides.

You can watch the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation live stream recording on the ALIAWest Facebook page. While you're there, be sure to 'like' the ALIAWest Facebook page to be kept up to date with events and other PD opportunities!

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