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Launch of the ALIA ARL ‘World Café’

The ALIA Academic & Research Libraries (WA) group launched their first ‘World Café’ on Tuesday 14 November 2017, hosted by Murdoch University Library. The World Café format allowed for meaningful conversation and networking on the topic of ‘New skills for learning and research excellence’ over wine and nibbles after work. 

Around 15 attendees participated and the conversation was fast and rich, with the conversations centring on:

• the synergies and divergences of digital literacy and information literacy
• the role of the library in this landscape in different institutions
• the nature and development of our skills in this space
• the strategies we might use to do more in this space, how we might overcome barriers and deliver meaningful outcomes for library clients.

The intended outcomes of this meaningful conversation are that participants have a greater awareness of this key trend (which is also a 2017-2019 CAUL strategic priority), are better able to recognise their skills and skills gaps in this space, and to identify strategies to deliver positive outcomes for clients in this area, through sharing our collective knowledge.

At this time of the year, many in our ARL audience will be feeling the weight of a busy year, however this conversation was energising and motivating for those who attended, with several commenting that they really liked the format. The ALIA ARL (WA) group plan to repeat this format in 2018, and we invite members of our academic & research library community to let us know what key trends we should be discussing in 2018. 

Big thanks go to Tracie Pollin, Tamara Capper and Murdoch University Library for being wonderful hosts for this event, and to all the attendees who contributed and shared.


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