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Join us on the ALIAWest committee!

ALIAWest is looking for enthusiastic, motivated and creative people to join the committee in 2018. All office bearer positions are open – Convenor, Deputy Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer – as well as general committee member positions.

Joining the ALIAWest committee provides you with the opportunity to:
  • get involved in your profession’s peak body
  • boost your own professional learning through new experiences and leadership opportunities
  • keep abreast of industry changes and trends
  • learn how to run an event, write blog posts, and establish meaningful connections with colleagues
  • build your profile at a local and national level
  • earn points for the ALIA PD program
Membership on the committee requires you to be an ALIA member, and involves the following time commitment:
  • The committee meets for an hour on the first Wednesday of each month at the State Library of WA
  • The Secretary and Treasurer have specific roles and duties as outlined in the ALIA Groups Handbook
  • Other tasks for events and campaigns are assigned according to people's availability, work schedule, holidays, etc.
If you are interested in joining the committee, please send your expression of interest to, indicating which position you would like to nominate for, by Friday 29th September, and come along to the next ALIAWest committee meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 4th October in the Gascoyne Room at the State Library of WA. 

If you have any questions about becoming involved, don’t hesitate to contact us on FacebookTwitter, or at

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