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Abstract Writing Workshop

Abstract Writing Workshop

ALIAWest held an Abstract Writing Workshop at the State Library of WA on Tuesday, the 5th of April 2016.  The evening commenced at 5:30pm with drinks and nibbles; a Big thanks to Kym for arranging the catering.  

Kym Andrews (Convenor) presented Noreen Kirkman (WA State Manager, ALIA) with a thank you retirement gift. Kym also acknowledged all the hard work Noreen has done for the ALIAWest Committee.

The abstract writing workshop commenced at 6:00pm. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to write a professional abstract for a presentation, conference paper or project.

The panel comprised of:  David Wells (Curtin University), Helen Balfour (Cambridge Library), Gaby Haddow (Curtin University) and Kathryn Greenhill (Curtin University).  Presentations were made by the panel, offering fantastic advice, tips and tricks to ensure your abstract would be selected by the conference organisers.  Some of the key points that were mentioned; to tailor your idea/s to your audience, keeping to word limits, avoid jargon, importance of referencing and proofread your work.
Question time followed after presentations.  The 17 attendees were then split into four groups.  One panelist each lead one group, providing valuable feedback and encouragement to put ideas into words.  To quote Helen Balfour, “Share knowledge, it’s what we do”.

It was lovely to have some Emily Mountford and Jo Beer who are dieticians at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital attend the workshop.  Thanks to the library at Sir Charles Gairdner for recommending our workshop! It was also nice to see some regional librarians - particularly Sharon Groch from Port Hedland. Having a diverse group of people really enriched our discussion.

The ALIAWest committee would like to thank David Wells, Gaby Haddow, Helen Balfour and Kathryn Greenhill for their time and invaluable input.  The evening was very successful, evidenced from the buzz in the room at the end of the evening!

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