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WA Member Forum recommends greater support for future leaders within the profession

The Minutes of the 2014 ALIA National Advisory Congress/Member Forum, held at the State Library of Western Australia on 6th October, have been released. Chaired by ALIA Director, Aileen Weir, the Member Forum represented all library sectors in WA and included representatives from the three WA ALIA groups - ALIAWest, the WA Library Technicians Group and WA Academic and Research Libraries - as well as WA members of national groups, ALIA New Grads, ALIA Retirees and Health Libraries Australia.

Among the recommendations of WA Member Forum were:

  • ·       that ALIA maintain its member focus and demonstrate value to all sectors by providing training and professional development in advocacy and lobbying, management and leadership, and new areas such as data management and curation;
  • ·       that ALIA’s proposal for a compulsory Professional Development Scheme was sound in principle but would require a greater range of low or no cost professional development activities as well as an easier PD Scheme management system;
  • ·       that ALIA give greater support to future leaders within the profession.


WA Members at the Forum were supportive of ALIA and its member focus. With the rapidly changing nature of the profession, it was felt that actions by ALIA should be more strategic and focussed on future leadership within the profession.

How to value ALIA, its members, and the profession were also recurrent themes, with these words of one member concluding the WA Member Forum: ‘We [the members] are ALIA!’

For the full version of the Minutes of the 2014 ALIA National Advisory Congress/ Member Forum see

Noreen Kirkman, WA State Manager, is happy to answer questions regarding the Minutes and  the recommendations of the WA Member Forum. She would especially like to hear about ideas for professional development events and courses.

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