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ALIAWest Icebreaker at Town of Vincent Library

The first ALIAWest event for this year was held at the new Town of Vincent Library. For those of us working in slightly more dated surrounds, we are envious! Vincent Library staff are rightfully proud of their spacious new library building.

We were thrilled to see 29 people at our Icebreaker, including 4 students. Jill Benn, Convenor of ALIAWest for 2008, introduced the committee to attendees and outlined some of our plans for 2008.

The tour was conducted by Senior Librarian Sheena Bell and Librarian Jocelyn Richard. The building was designed by Peter Hunt Architect who also designed the Town of Cambridge Library. The Library incorporates a Main Floor Space; Media Room which is used by the Library and Council to host public events; Training Room; open plan Children's Library with movable shelving; Young Adults Library (they're soon getting a Nintendo Wii for this area!); and Local Studies Collection with plenty of exhibition space and a climate controlled storage facility. The staff workroom has an open plan workroom, separate offices for the Library Manager and Senior Librarian, kitchen facilities, and storage room.

The ALIAWest Committee was very grateful to the Town of Vincent Library for being fantastic hosts. We were happy to see so many people attend the first event and hope to see your faces throughout the year!

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