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$4 million for SLWA

There is a real buzz around the State Library of WA today, following the Premier's announcement yesterday of a special funding grant of $4 million as part of the $73 million made available to culture and the arts in WA under the title of Ignite. Staff are quite excited as we start our planning in detail about how to most effectively use these funds to deliver the most benefit for the people of Western Australia. The priority for this money is the upgrading of critical IT infrastructure and equipment/facilities in the public areas of the Library, and there is certainly plenty to do.

The other exciting development as part of this announcement is the significant upgrading of the Premier's Book Awards, expanding to include works written by authors resident in Australia or Asia! There will be $1.2 million over four years to recognise excellence in literature, with the award being for a book-length work. Details have not yet been made available about any changes to the 2007 awards, but when they are they will be posted to the SLWA website.

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