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What's in a name? GuMP or New Graduates Group?

Leading up to the GuMP (Graduate Mentoring Program) planning meeting on Wednesday, 12 December, we would like to open up discussion on where future GuMP activities sit within ALIA here in WA, and to seek opinions on a proposal to:
1) merge some mentoring activities into the ALIAWest portfolio and,
2) establish a formal WA branch of the New Graduates Group.

ALIAWest committee members have agreed to add mentoring support to its portfolio, and to partner with any mentoring projects that may be initiated by a New Graduates Group.

Are new grads here in WA interested in establishing a WA branch of the New Graduates Group?
As stated in the ALIA New Graduates Group charter:
"The group aims to facilitate networking for the new generation of library professionals, provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to new professionals, organise meetings and training specifically relevant to students and new graduates and facilitate the introduction of new graduates into the wider ALIA community."

Your comments will be very welcome.

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Matthias said...


(This is an affirmation of making a WA branch of the New Graduates Group)

Linda said...

Hello Matthias,

I had to look up an urban dictionary for that!

I have had lots of feedback that agrees with your approval for a name change. It looks as though we may have a New Graduates Group in WA.