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Blockchain Basics - event recap and round two!

ALIAWest's first event for 2019 was the Blockchain Basics icebreaker, held on Tuesday 26 March at the State Library. We were thrilled to see so many new and familiar faces, all who had come to learn about Blockchain from our special guest speakers, Johnny Swanepoel, and James Eggleston.

Viv Barton kicked off the night by outlining what her role as incoming ALIA Vice-President (President-elect) will entail. We're so excited to support Viv as she enters this role as we know she'll do amazing things!

Johnny and James then shared their insights into Blockchain and the potential it has for the LIS industry. To relive some of the key insights they shared, check out our tweets from the night in our Wakelet collection embedded below.

James and Johnny's fascinating insights certainly gave us a lot of food for thought! If you're curious about Blockchain and what it could mean for the LIS sector, join us on Tuesday 14th May at 6pm at Lot Twenty in Northbridge to continue the conversation over a couple of beverages. This will be a super-informal chance to ask questions and (attempt to!) figure out the answers together. RSVP via - we hope to see you there!

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