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ALIA West Report Back webinar recording now available

On Wednesday 15th November, a group of us gathered at the State Library of WA to record ALIA West's first live webinar. After our original attempt was bungled due to low internet bandwidth, we took no chances second time around! ALIA West Committee member Ness Fryer arranged for the software to be loaded directly to Margaret Allen’s desktop PC. Our wonderful SLWA CEO has been a long-time advocate and supporter of ALIA, however her commitment to the library peak body just reached next level as she literally gave up her desk for us!

We are very pleased to share with you this 64 minute recording, which is a technical beta for us. No doubt we will get better at using this platform, but as a first go it’s not too bad and it’s really fabulous to be able to share this information all across WA.

(Note that you'll need to enter your details to "register", but will be taken directly to the recording)

The webinar was hosted by the newly appointed convener of ALIA West, Chloe Czerwiec, and the first presenter was Margaret Allen. Margaret gave an excellent summarisation, not just of the formalities and speakers from the 2017 IFLA Congress, but also some great insights on the cultural and governance perspectives of the international library conference.

Next up, Notre Dame Liaison Librarian, Reeti Brar, beautifully detailed each of the presenters who spoke at the New Norcia Library lecture in October. Susan Courtland then reported back on the Library Technicians Symposium which was held in Sydney. Susan presented the final wrap-up session at the actual conference, so she was very well placed to provide such a summary.

Diana Blackwood, the convener for the Health Libraries Australia conference, pre-recorded her speech and while the video doesn’t quite sync, the audio quality is great. Finally, Ness Fryer shares with us her learnings and light bulb moments from the New Librarians Symposium which was held in Canberra in June.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful presenters and committee members who put in so much effort to get this up and running.

So now we are throwing it over to you! We have prepared a short feedback form, and we would really like to know what you think about this format. Does the webinar format for ALIA report back sessions work? (Technical hitches permitting!) Please let us know by filling out this short survey form.

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