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Turbitt & Duck - The first Aussie Library Podcast

Earlier this month, Queensland's ALIA State Manager Amy Walduck and her colleague Sally launched their very own podcast - Turbitt & Duck: Purveyors of Cultural Expertise and Library Sass to the Discerning Connoisseur since 1885.

The dynamic duo were the force behind the amazing NLS8 conference that took place earlier this year. I sent Amy a request to share the podcast with you all, along with some questions about how it all started.  Here is what she had to say:

How did you and Sally meet? 

Sally and I met in person ay NLS7 in Sydney. We had interacted on Twitter previously but the first IRL conversation was about planning NLS8!

Why a podcast? 

Because there aren’t enough Aussie library podcasts and Aussie library stories! We wanted a way to share the voices and stories of passionate people working in libraries and beyond.

What podcasts inspired you to do this?

It was Sally’s idea to do a podcast and she has listened to way more than I have. I tried to listen to as many library podcasts as I could find but some of them are really boring and dry. I really like The Librarian Is In from New York Public Library because it isn’t too structured (I hate podcasts that sound like they are scripted) and they talk about libraries, books, programs and so much more. I was also listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno (because it is hilarious) and At The Hayes because I am and always will be a musical theatre nerd.

Amy and Sally have pledged to uncover the untold stories from Australia's libraries, have you got a topic you would like to hear about? Drop them a line!

See more of Amy's recommendations for great podcasts on her own blog and catchup on the first two episodes of Turbitt & Duck by subscribing now.

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Jessica Pietsch | ALIA WA State Manager
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