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Introducing The Ask and Answer Club. PD made social, collaborative, and easy.

by Ness Fryer

Have you had a chance to read this month’s INCITE? There is a huge focus on professional development, which is great. (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to learning.) I’m new to the profession, so I want to soak up as much knowledge as I can. I joined the ALIA PD scheme earlier this year and have been busy reading, attending workshops and events, and learning what I can, when I can.

It can be difficult though, can’t it? In theory, we can all appreciate the idea and purpose of professional development, but actually finding the time and getting started is a different story.

Well, you’re in luck.

We’re starting up a brand new club for you to come and work on your own PD in a social and collaborative setting. Think of it like a book club, but for learning! Each month we’ll check out alibrary related article, video, website, app, or new piece of tech and then get together to discuss what we discovered.

To get the ball rolling, our first session will look at the ALIA PD Career Development Kit. Have you done it yet? If you’re just starting the PD scheme it’s a wonderful tool for focusing what you need, and what you care about. Plus, it scores you 20 points right out the gate. You would be surprised how much less daunting it is to accumulate the points you need each year when you sit down and make a plan.

There will also be an opportunity for us to join with WALT in a special workshop looking at how to record and report your learning. Reflecting on your learning effectively is a skill that we can all work on together; so stay tuned for details of that event.
Each month we’ll catch up somewhere cozy and coffee-adjacent (caffeine; a vital ingredient for PD) and chat about our topic. And if you’re not interested in the topic of the month, come along anyway! There will be space for you to work on and share your own study or research. I know that private study can be a really lonely activity; but sometimes it’s helpful to be in a group right environment to spark some inspiration and productivity. This club is about giving you a space to share what you’re doing, get feedback, and meet some like-minded folk who can cheer you on.
Our first meeting will be at 10:30am on Saturday, June 10 at the First Edition Cafe in the State Library of WA and will go to around 12. To prepare, have a look through the Career Development Kit and come ready to share what some of your career goals are. We’ll work through some of the activities together and discuss some strategies for planning PD.
Register your interest here
Can't wait to meet you! (If you're joining us for the PD day 'Library Leadership: a celebration' on Friday and have any questions about the club; come and have a chat! I'd love to hear your thoughts.)

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