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Congratulations Dr Kerry Smith
On behalf of ALIAWest, I would like to congratulate Dr Kerry Smith on receiving a ‘Member (AM) in the General Division’ in the Australia Day 2016 honours list.   For those who have not seen the official list, Kerry received her award ‘for significant service to library and information sectors as an academic and researcher, and to professional organisations’.

I am sure that everyone knows Kerry’s achievements and her work history, so I won’t repeat them here. 

Like many librarians in Perth, I first met Kerry at Curtin University when I started my undergraduate degree.  Kerry was formidable and a little bit frightening but a great lecturer and supportive.  Exactly what was needed.  However, of all those lectures, there are 2 valuable tips that I remember receiving from Kerry.   At our graduation ceremony, I was speaking to Kerry and was talking about my new position as an Assistant Librarian at a public library.  I distinctly remember her words of “Don’t let them change you”.  I didn’t understand this sage advice at the time, but I do now.  And I’m grateful.

The other piece of advice was about joining ALIA.  I don’t remember her exact words but I remember the way she spoke about the professional body and how helpful it would be to join; how important it was to join.  Kerry’s passion was evident, even to someone who felt overwhelmed by study and work with little focus for anything else.  In the time I have known her, that passion has never ceased.  Her belief in our profession and the importance in having a sustainable professional body to represent us has never wavered. 

Kerry, thank you for all you have done for librarianship and for our professional body.  This award is well deserved and know that we are all grateful.

Written by Kym Andrews, ALIAWest Convenor 2016

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