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2014 Icebreaker event

On Wednesday, 26 February, ALIAWest began its 2014 calendar with an Icebreaker at the State Library. A crowd of over 30 people came to hear four presenters discuss the recent VALA conference "Streaming with possibilities".

Many thanks to Constance and Michael Wiebrands for reprising their VALA presentation 'I need more hands-on training!' - Reflections on creating self-directed learning opportunities for library staff; and to Constance for reprising her presentation on Copyright and Digital Rights. Both presentations were interesting and informative and will now have us waiting impatiently until early May when the VALA papers become available to everyone.

Susan Courtland and Andrew Kelly gave their impressions of VALA and some of the papers of most interest. 

Question time started a little slowly but then developed into a vigorous discussion on self-directed learning, training, professional development, and compulsory CPD. Had we not needed to wrap up the event before the library closed, the discussion could have lasted much longer.

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