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For three years in a row, librarians around Australia who are on twitter have been blogging every day during the month of June under the hashtag #blogjune.  Come join in!  If you have never blogged before, here's your chance to start a blog.  Your blog posts can be as long or short as you wish them to be and they can be about any topic of your choice.  Some librarians prefer to keep their blogs professional while others prefer a more personal touch.  It is not only stimulating to find something different to blog about but it is even more exciting to read the other blogs and see what our librarian peers are doing - what their hobbies are or what projects they are currently working on.  For more information go to the librariesinteract blog.\

Over the next few weeks Biblia will try to bring attention to some of the WA Librarians who are blogging every day in June.  A great one that caught our attention today was @lisseut's post "Books, libraries and cats" .  Some of us, who are parents to young children, struggle to find interesting and different books to read to our children every night.  The task can become quite monotonous so anything we can use to make reading to our kids as interesting to us as it is to our young ones is a bonus!  @lisseut provides us with a theme and some titles that we could borrow from our local library. I for one would love to snort away while reading pig stories to my children. 

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