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Calling all recent WA library technician & librarian graduates…

Have you thought about nominating for the FA Sharr Medal?
No idea if you are eligible?  Not sure what it all means?  Go to the ALIA webpage:  

What do the recipients say about the FA Sharr medal?  Check out  the FA Sharr medal Recipients page.
A few past recipients have put up their speeches whilst others have detailed their experiences as a FA Sharr medallist.

If you still have questions…which is quite possible, feel free to email me anytime.  Whilst I am now enjoying the snow and hot ciders in Vancouver, I do check my emails!
Check out the ALIA West About page for more contacts.

Still wanting more?  My own experience is detailed in Incite, October 2011.
By the way, my nomination was handed in only a day or so before nominations closed...there is still plenty of time!

I strongly urge all managers, mentors and colleagues to consider your recent graduates as nominees and please suggest to them to nominate, it meant a lot to me to think someone considered me a worthy nominee!


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