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ALIA's 70th Birthday and Sharr Medal Presentation

With IFLA 2007 just finished and the fresh announcement that IFLA 2010 will be held in Brisbane, there was much to celebrate when ALIA's Executive Director Sue Hutley stopped in Perth on her way home from South Africa on the 29th August. ALIAWest threw a birthday party at the State Library of Western Australia, complete with decadent chocolate fudge cake, to celebrate ALIA's 70th Birthday, and Sue showed a fantastic collection of photos collected from ALIA gatherings over the years. Sue spoke about the history of ALIA, the current issues they are working on, and stated that the future of ALIA will be what members want it to be. She encouraged all members to use their voice and speak up on the issues they feel passionate about.

This celebration was also a fantastic occasion to present the 2007 Sharr Medal to recipient Rebecca Marchenkov (pictured left). The FA Sharr Medal, in memory of former State Librarian of WA, Francis Aubie (Ali) Sharr, is awarded to a graduand of a WA library school who displays the most potential to have a positive impact on their preferred stream of librarianship. Margaret Allen, our current State Librarian, read Rebecca's citation and presented the medal. Rebecca's name was also added to the Sharr Medal honour board, which has previously travelled to the University of the recipient, but will now be housed in the State Library. Rebecca made a speech of thanks to her mentors, friends and ALIAWest, and posed for photos with her medal.

Thanks to the committee, particularly Linda, Monika and Camille for their work in organising the event, and thanks to Sue Hutley, Marg Allen and Liz Burke for their presentations. We hope everyone who attended the event enjoyed themselves!

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