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GLAMRmatch (round two!) - A Co-Lab Initiative

Based on the principles of reciprocity and knowledge-sharing, the WA chapters of ALIA SNGG, ASA, RIMPA, MGAWA and CURTIS are bringing to you, a one-on-one networking experience.

Are you:
  • An established GLAMR practitioner?
  • A GLAMR student, recent graduate, early career professional, or practitioner that is considering changing career streams?

And, are you willing to share your knowledge about your workplace, professional experiences, or education and/or interested in learning about the workplace practices of another GLAMR stream?

Our aim is to create a connection between two people, one that provides an opportunity for both to learn a little bit about the other person’s current work or recent studies.

The concept is simple:
  • 1 hour meet-up with no ongoing commitment for either party.
  • Established practitioners acting as host, to provide a guided tour of their GLAMR Facility if possible.
  • Visiting GLAMR student/professionals to share recent learnings, motivations or sectoral experiences.

Express your interest in taking part now by filling out this survey below:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Havva, Kristin & Sonja
ALIA Students & New Graduates WA Regional Coordinators

About ALIA West

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