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'Making it happen!' North Metropolitan TAFE's end of year celebrations

Congratulations go out to the wonderful class of 2017 and the entire cohort of LIS students at North Metropolitan TAFE, who at the start of December celebrated the completion of a year of study!

Awards were presented to the students who had performed exceptionally well - Cert III: Shannon Leahy, Kasandra Tobias;  Cert IV: Gemma Henry, Nadege Joye; Diploma (stage one): Roxana Loveland, Teresa Lam; Diploma (stage two): Caitlyn Ryan, Crystal Roberts; Practicum Award: Kristine Della Maddalena
Ngaire Clements, the recipient of the WA Library Technicians Group (WALT) Symposium Grant gave a presentation about her experience at the Symposium and the opportunities the grant has opened up to her. Then Susan Courtland, Deputy Convener of the ALIA WALT Group and 2013’s  ‘National Library Technician of the Year', shared her professional development journey, highlighting the importance of being a life-long learner:

The richness of careers and diversity of roles and opportunities for library technicians is tremendous….  I've had many 'serendipity' moments in my relatively short 16-year career in libraries - luck, good fortune, chance - plays a part - but hard work and passion increases that probability of luck!  So make it happen! Ultimately we are responsible for managing our own careers.

In the photo above, left to right: Bernadette Holmes (Lecturer), Susan Courtland, (Deputy Convenor ALIA WALT) Kasandra Tobias, Roxana Loveland, Nadege Joye, Gemma Henry, Crystal Roberts, Vanessa Rooney (Course Coordinator), Louise Bond (Lecturer). Image Credit: Vanessa Rooney

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