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Connect and collaborate for Columbus with chocolate and churros

So you've been lucky enough to book for IFLA? 

And now you're trying to wade your way through the programme to determine what you want to see, hear and do?

Come along and meet others who are heading to IFLA, and have a chat with experienced IFLA attendees who will provide advice on how to plan your IFLA experience. 

Our experienced IFLA attendees happy to impart their wisdom are:
  • Kerry Smith, Former Associate Professor of the Department of Information Studies, Curtin University, and former Standing Committee member of the Education and Training, and the Library Theory & Research Section of IFLA, and a former IFLA groupie
  • Ghylene Palmer
  • Helen Balfour
If you have previously attended an IFLA conference, we'd love to hear your thoughts too!

DATE: 20 July 2016

TIME: 5:30pm start 

LOCATION: San Churro, 132 James Street, Northbridge


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