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F A Sharr Award

Nominations open for the F A Sharr Award on 15 February 2016. The Sharr Award (formerly known as the Sharr Medal) is a prestigious award with a $500 bursary to be used to attend an ALIA conference or undertake substantial professional development activities.
To be eligible for the award the nominees must be:
- A current Western Australian resident, having graduated from an ALIA accredited course in the last three years. The 2015 award is open to those who graduated after January 2013.
- A Member of ALIA.

Selection criteria:
- Demonstrated understanding of the values of ALIA and how these might be embodied in your professional activities. (Max 250 words)
- Demonstrated involvement in ALIA, other professional bodies and/or community groups and so on. (Max 250 words)
- Demonstrated understanding of current issues facing the library and information industry by briefly identifying and discussing ways forward on up to three issues. (Max 750 words)

Further details are available on the website

Please contact, if you are interested in nominating and/or require further information about the F A Sharr Award.

Key dates:
Monday 15 February 2016      Applications open
Friday 8 April 2016                 Applications close
April 2016                              Selection process and interviews
LIW 2016                               Presentation of award

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