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FA Sharr Medal 2013

Dear Colleagues

The F A Sharr Medal is awarded to a Western Australian librarian or library technician in their first year of employment who exhibits the most potential to make a significant contribution to the library profession in WA.

The ALIAWest Committee is currently calling for nominations for the 2012 F A Sharr Medal.  Nominations can be self-nominating or be put forward on behalf of a candidate (with their approval) by their employer, a colleague, or their teaching institution. 
This is a highly prestigious award so please encourage anyone you believe would be a contender to nominate or nominate them yourself!

More information about the award and how to nominate is available from the ALIA website: 
For your information the key dates are:
~ 28th January 2013 Nominations Open
~ 5th April 2013 Nominations Close
(send nominations to
~ April  2013 Selection Process and Interviews
~ May 2013 F A Sharr Medal Presentation
Kelly Hall
ALIAWest Convenor

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