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Day 24 of blog every day of June 2012

Pinterest looks to be the upcoming social media tool of the minute. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which allows you to share items you find on the internet.

It's being used by a phenomenal number of people - as of January 2012, the site had 11.7 million unique users!

Borrowing from Stephen Abram's recent post, Pinterest can be used by libraries to:
1. Pinning book covers
2. Reading lists
3. Attracting children and teenagers
4. Displaying archives
5. Letting people know about new acquisitions
6. Helping out in research
7. Showing off your library
8. Sharing infographics related to learning
9. Promoting library activities
10. Sharing digital collection
11. Managing reading programs
12. Sharing ideas with parents
13. Bringing focus on library staff
14. Getting new ideas for library displays
15. Collecting ideas for programs
16. Drawing attention to the local community
17. Sharing craft projects
18. Connecting to other libraries
19. Encouraging book clubs
20. Interacting with patrons

Some great examples of Pinterest use by libraries include:
Yarra Plenty Regional Library - pinboards by DDC
Curtin University - promoting the university and Western Australia
Darien Library - some fantastic book lists here
Queens Library - programs, book lists, book blogs and regional tourism

And then there's individual people and non library organisations using Pinterest. Take a look at:
Lonely Planet - worth a look if you're planning a trip and not sure where to go, or when to go
Margie Manifold - craft and education by grade level, recipes and so much more!
The Orchid Show - lovely pins of orchids

Regardless of how you choose to use Pinterest, it would be worth you checking out the Terms of Service. Alternatively, take a look at a commentary that has be done regarding this, and make your own educated decision.

How else might you choose to use Pinterest for your library service? How would you organise your boards?

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