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ALIA and RIMPA in the Pub

Hola chicos y chicas!

NewGrads in the Pub will be heading to Andaluz Bar & Tapas this month.
I'd like to remind you all that NewGrads in the Pub isn't /just/ for
new graduates. It's also for students - you don't even need to be a
member of RIMPA or ALIA.

What: NewGrads (and students!) in the Pub
Where: Andaluz Bar & Tapas (, Basement
level, 21 Howard Street, Perth CBD.
When: Thursday 28th July at 17:30
RSVP? None needed!
BYO: Money to buy drinks and tapas!

Look out for either me (a beardy man with a hat) or Pauline Joseph from RIMPA.


Matthias Liffers
ALIA New Graduates Group WA Regional Coordinator Number Three

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