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BiblioTech Resident Wikimedian collaboration is partnership between Wikimedia Australia and the State Library of Western Australia.

Wikimedia Australia is a charity which started in 2008 to support the efforts of contributors to the collaborative free projects related to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation.   Australians have been actively contributing to Wikipedia since it started in 2001.  Wikimedians have relied on the information held in collections like the State Library of Western Australia.

From the  6th June 2017, Wikimedia Australia in collaboration with the State Library will be running a Resident Wikimedian Project.  A Resident Wikimedian is a new program originating in the Netherlands where experienced Wikimedians are available in the library to  support the public in contributing to Wikipedia.   

The Wikimedian will be able to provide one on one assitance on how to edit Wikipedia, how to add media files to articles and how to reuse the content with in their own websites.  

For those people related to subjects of articles, they will be able to guide you through the finer points of Wikipedia policy about how to correct and add information. They will also be able to arrange a photographer  to  improve the images currently in the article.  For educators they will be able to guide you on how to engage with your students and encourage them to actively and effectively use Wikipedia.  

The State Library has proved space in BiblioTECH until 18th August 2017.   BiblioTECH is a pilot co-working studio for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs to collaborate, experiment, design and engage with the community.  The State Library has made the studio available to individuals and groups who are interested in working on creative projects in a collaborative environment, in an accessible Northbridge location.

The BiblioTECH


The collaboration will create a public access point where individuals and organisations can get support in contributing to Wikimedia projects and developing new collaborative projects.
In addition to there will regular discussions one evening a week about the projects from practical opportunities to more strategic future of the project beyond 2020.

Ongoing activities

Strategy corner
  • Noongarpedia content
  • Noongar translation of WMF messages in preparation for
  • WikiLoves Earth judging
  • WMF Strategy discussions and talks
  • QRpedia / WikiTown mobile app creation
  • Toodyaypedia stage 3
  • Western Australian Branch of WMAU meetups and talks


For more information contact
  • Gnangarra - President Wikimedia Australia
  • JarrahTree - Secretary Wikimedia Australia and Western Australian branch co-ordinator
...or even better yet drop in for a chat.

About Jessica Pietsch | ALIA WA State Manager

Jessica Pietsch | ALIA WA State Manager
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